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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Briars Philosophy?

The Concord Briars philosophy and emphasis is to build on the skills, enjoyment and camaraderie that develop through our children’s cricket years at the club. We work toward an enjoyable and rewarding season for all and that the players come back every season and stay a Briar forever

What are the Clubs colours?

Maroon and Gold

What are we known as?

Concord Briars Cricket Club or ‘Briars’.

What are the age groups?

Under 8s- Players must be 7 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season

Under 9s- Players must be 8 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season

Under 10s- Players must be 9 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season

Under 11s- Players must be 10 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season

Under 12's - players must be 11 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season

Under 13s- Players must be 12 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season

Under 14's - players must be 13 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season.

Under 15's - players must be 14 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season.

Under 16's - players must be 15 or younger by the 1st of September for the coming season.

Under17s- players must be 16 or younger y the 1st of September for the coming season.

For example - If your child turns 7yrs old before the 31st of August, he/she will be in the U8’s. If your child turns 8yrs old before the 31st of August he/she will be in the Under 9’s and so on and so forth.

Q. Can girls play?

Yes, teams are mixed gender and girls are encouraged to play.

There is also now a dedicated girl’s competition played on Saturday afternoons. The two age groups are Under 13’s (for girls aged 10 to 12 years) and Under 15’s (for girls aged 13 to 14 years).

Q. What if it's my first time playing cricket or what if I have just come out of the Milo program?

We offer modified teams in the Under 8 and 9 groups which is perfect for anyone who is just starting out in cricket and is either too old for the Milo program or has finished the Milo program and is ready for the next step.

Q. What is the difference in format between Milo-in-Cricket and Under 8’s?

The focus of Milo-in-Cricket is on skills and drills. Milo sessions are shorter, the season is 8-10 weeks pre-xmas and are located at Edwards Park. Under 8 and above games are played home and away, with teams travelling to other adjoining areas. Children bowl and bat on a synthetic wicket with a modified ball. Saturday morning games take between 1.5 in Under 8’s.

Q. What ages play Milo-in-Cricket compared with Junior Cricket?
Milo-in-Cricket is focused on children aged 4-6 years. To play Junior Cricket the child has to be 7-16 years on or before 31 August of the season in question.

Q. Will my 9 year old have to play against experienced 10 year olds?

If your child is 8 or 9, and in their first year of playing we will usually play the child in the “modified” team and it’s more likely they will play against like abilities.

Q. Can my child play up an age group?

You can request that your child play up an age group but remember it is more about your child than you. Junior players should try and stay in their own age group as they can achieve better results. Social needs should also be considered as they are often in a different year at school and may be less mature than their team mates.

Q. How are players allocated to teams?

Players are allocated to teams based on a number of factors including their skill, the number of registrations (ages and numbers vary each season), as well as the availability of team managers and coaches. From time to time we receive team related requests from parents and whilst we attempt to do our best to satisfy requests, it is not always possible to make everyone happy. As always our focus is on skill development, teamwork and fun.

Q. My child has a disability – can they play Junior Cricket?

All children are welcome to play irrespective of their level of ability. Depending on your child’s circumstance, you might like to talk to the club about the best team for them to play in. To be able to assist children to take the field comfortably the club may allow the child to remain in an age group for a little longer than the rules stipulate.

Q. Where does our team play?

Most games are played locally, around the Concord, Five Dock, Balmain, Annandale, Hunters Hill, Ryde and Gladesville areas. Under 13’s and above play further abroad.

Q. Where and when is the training?

Once all player registrations are in, teams are formed and Coaches and Managers are appointed. The Manager will liaise with Briars Club regarding the location and time of training.

Q. How about training?                                                                                                                

Once all player registrations are in, teams are formed and Coaches and Managers are appointed by the team. The Manager will liaise with Briars club regarding the location and time of training.

Q. When does cricket start?                                                                                                            

U8’s – U9’s begin around mid-October.                                                                                        

U/10's and above around mid September.

Q. How long does the season go for?                                                                                                

U8’s – U9’s - the season is from October to December, resuming again from February through to March.                                                                                                        U10's and above- the season is from September to December, resuming again from February through to end of March

Q. How do I register to play at Briars?                                                                                                  

On line registration is available via the link

Or Registration Day at Briars Sports Club                             

Cnr Ian Parade & Wellbank Street Concord NSW 2137

Sunday 13th August from 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Q. What if I missed the registration day?     

If teams still have available positions you can register online

Q. How much is registration? 

Registration fees are as follows:                                                                                                 

$100- MILO $190- Under 8s to 16s (Saturday morning Competition)

$200- Under 12s Tri Cricket (Sat afternoon/Sunday mornings)

$200- Under 13s to 14s (Sunday Competition)       

$265 -Under 15s and 16s/17s- (Sunday Competition on Turf)

$130 Girls - (Saturday afternoon competition)                                                                            

Park Cricket - $210 (full season) and $100 (part time max 4 games)                                                            

Q. What do I get for my registration fee?                                                                                 

The registration fee covers all the costs of your child playing cricket at Briars, including equipment & insurance. All players receive a Playing Shirt and cap & a training shirt and training shorts.

Q. Must I pay on the registration day?                                                                                

Payment must be made either before-hand or on the registration day. Only teams with available positions will be left open. Some or all teams may be full at the completion of our registration day                                                                                                                                             

Q. How does this compare to other local clubs?                                                                     

Most other clubs charge around $160- $220 + clothing costs                                                   

Q. How are registration fees determined?                                                                                   

Our fees are budgeted on a per season basis. Registration fee increases are a result of many factors including, amongst other things, increased costs associated with; equipment, ground hire, insurance, and association fees.                                                                                      

Q. What about Coaches and Managers?                                                                          

Coaches and Managers are required for each team. They are appointed by the committee and will be given all training required to assist the team throughout the season. All coaches and managers can be found via the link and we encourage parents to be involved with their kids sport We encourage parents to volunteer, in doing so it assists in retaining our registration fees at a reasonable level                                                                                                                    

Q. Are the Coaches/ Managers experienced?                                                                                               

Our Coaches are Level 1 Cricket Australia Coaching Accredited. They are all offered umpiring courses also and assistance at training. Managers are offered scoring courses. For coaches, new to the game, we offer the level 1 coaching courses at the start of the season.

Q. Do I need to offer my assistance at Club Events?                                                                    

Yes, if possible, Concord Briars Cricket Club greatly appreciates the enthusiastic support of parents in club activities.

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