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by | October 21, 2016

Ted Stockdale Pavilion

Photo Diary


Dear Briars Foundation Supporter,

Construction of The Ted Stockdale Pavilion at Rothwell Park is well underway and the attached photo shows the progress after 3 months. The planned finish date is still late December/January so fingers crossed the weather remains kind to us. The Briars Foundation have driven this project and a lot of hard work has gone into this over the past few years.


John Price has done an amazing job working with council, state and federal government to raise the funds required to make this $1.5m project happen. In addition the Briars Foundation has contributed $220,000 towards the pavilion construction and we have been actively fundraising for this over the past few years and thus far we have been successful in raising some $125,000 in donations. If you do the maths, you can see the end result means we now have around $95,000 less in Foundation funds to assist sports development within the club. So, this is a plea to all Briars and supporters to have one last crack at donating to the Briars Foundation for the Ted Stockdale Pavilion. Those who donate will be recognised on a plaque that will be unveiled at the opening of the Pavilion early next year.

If you would like to donate (buy a brick) or top up your current donation you can do so by completing a Briars Foundation’s donation / pledge form ;

The levels of bricks available are;

  • $20,000-Platinum
  • $10,000-Gold
  • $5,000-Silver
  • $1,000-Bronze
  • $500-Maroon
  • $100-Green

Donations towards the Rothwell Park (Ted Stockdale) Pavilion can be made in a number of ways:

To make a tax deductable donation, you can donate via the Australian Sports Foundation , who will provide you with an immediate Tax Receipt or by filling out the Donation/Pledge Form - Please make out cheques to "Australian Sports Foundation" and post forms to the following address.

The Briars Foundation Ltd
C/O The Treasurer
PO Box 195

Should you not require a tax receipt then contributions can be made directly to the Briars Foundation using "Non Deductible Contributions Form" and mailed to the above address.

All contributions are appreciated and will be recognised at the new Pavillion.

We really appreciate everyone who has supported this project thus far, but we are asking for just one last push to get us home! Once this project is completed the Briars Foundation will shift its focus to a scholarship style program promoting junior development plus we will look at other potential projects like a new squash court and maybe even a second hockey field.

I will keep you updated over the ensuing months and look forward to your support! 

Thank you.
Paul Price 
Briars Foundation President

Photo Diary

23rd September 2016


26th August 2016

9th August 2016

9th August 2016

After a lot of hard work and a number of meetings I’m delighted to announce that the Ted Stockdale Pavilion will commence construction on Monday 1st August.

As advised previously we have had to make some changes due to budgetary constraints but it is now full steam ahead with a completion date around late December.
For full details on the project, have a look at a summary of the Construction Plan .

We have exciting times ahead as we watch Rothwell park change! I will keep you updated regarding the construction of the pavilion.
It is not too late, if you would still like to make a donation towards this project. To save on administration fees, you can donate via the Australian Sports Foundation who will provide you with an immediate Tax Receipt or alternately you can make a donation by filling out the Briars Foundation’s donation / pledge form.

We will acknowledge everyone who has supported this project by placing their names on a plaque which will be displayed at the new Ted Stockdale Pavilion at Rothwell Park.

Thank you.
Paul Price 
Briars Foundation President

18th May 2015

I hope you are well and enjoying a fruitful 2015. I would like to thank you for your contribution to the Briars Foundation. Your support is invaluable and you will see below just what that support has meant to the club and what it has enabled the Foundation to achieve.

As you would no doubt be aware we have been fundraising for the construction of the Ted Stockdale Pavilion at Rothwell Park. We held a very successful luncheon late last year and raised over $60,000 towards the project. The purpose of this letter/email is twofold;

1 .To ask if you would be able to assist by setting up an annual contribution to the Briars Foundation? No matter what the size all contributions are of great value. The annual contributions are easy to set up. The benefit to you is that you contribute to the future of our club through projects like the Ted Stockdale Pavilion. For this you receive a tax deduction through our association with the Australian Sports Foundation and there is no better time than now prior to the 30th June to ensure you get the tax benefit in the 2014/15 financial year.

2 .To enquire whether you would you like to purchase a brick (or another brick) for the Ted Stockdale Pavilion? The brick levels are as follows;

  • Platinum-$20,000
  • Gold-$10,000
  • Silver-$5,000
  • Bronze-$1,000
  • Maroon-$500
  • Green-$100

Everyone who contributes will be honored on the plaque which will be unveiled at the opening of the Ted Stockdale Pavilion.

The Briars Foundations most significant project-The Ted Stockdale Pavilion at  Rothwell  Park-is about to commence construction. The cost of the project is $1.7m. After years of negotiations led by John Price in consultation with
the current Cricket and Rugby committees' and past Rugby chairman John Slender we have at long last obtained agreement from State and Federal Government and local council to fund the majority of this project.

We have been successful in obtaining $1.5m in funding contingent on the Briars Foundation providing the $200,000 balance required. Hence we are looking to fundraise this amount so as to benefit both Rugby and Cricket within the club

We have also enlisted the assistance of Briar Richard Crookes from Richard Crookes Construction in designing the new facility and we are very appreciative of his services. The result is an extremely impressive facility which we hope to have operational for our Rugby and Cricket teams by January 2016.

The plan is to name the new pavilion after Briars legend Ted Stockdale.

I thought  this would also be a good opportunity to further update you on some of the major Foundation projects over the past years and below is a brief snapshot;


  • Construction of floodlights for training at  Greenlees  Park (Cost $95,000,Foundation contribution $40,000)
  • Rugby Junior coaching clinics (Foundation contribution $5,000)
  • Rugby goal post pads, corner posts etc (Foundation contribution $2,500)


  • Construction of nets adjacent to club for our 10 senior and 26 junior teams (Cost $95,000,Foundation contribution $35,000)


  • Construction of Cintra Park Hockey Complex (Cost $1m, Foundation loaned Hockey $200,000 which has now been repaid)
  • Resurfacing of Cintra Park turf (Cost $500,000 , Foundation loaned Hockey $148,000 of which has now been repaid)
  • New lighting upgrade at Cintra (Cost $165,000 , Foundation loaned Hockey $60,000 which has been repaid)
  • Hockey electronic scoreboard (Cost $12,000 , Foundation contributed $12,000)


  • Development of Junior Squash (Cost and Foundation contribution $2,000)
  • Sponsoring the NSW Open for Briars (Cost Foundation contribution $5,000)


  • New memorabilia cabinet (Foundation contributed $23,000)
  • The production of archives onto DVD (Foundation contributed $3,800)

The Foundation is also in the process of structuring a development and  scholarship program   to enhance the development of our junior players, coaches and officials and I will provide more details of this soon.

As you can see the Foundation has been responsible for some $3.3m in club projects which have hugely benefited our various sports. The Foundation plays an extremely important role so your support has been and will continue
to be vital.

If you wish to either purchase a brick or set up an annual contribution please contact me on or call me on 0418409648.

Thank you.

Paul Price 
Briars Foundation President