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by | November 23, 2018

Weekly Squash Report


As Pennant reaches the last remaining rounds the crew from Briars 07 have found some spectacular form with all 4 players winning their matches. With only 3 games of 12 being lost Briars 07 now sits at 3rd on the leader-board, only 1 point off from 2nd place. The team hopes for another strong performance to put them through to the grand finals in 2 weeks time.

The team did very well with Dan closing out an easy 3-0 win to put some early points on the board. Myles went up in 3 tough games, battling an on-fire opponent. A bit of controversy in Brent's match with over 20 ref calls in the 4th game, narrowly losing it in 5 games. 


Myles will be hot on the heels of Brent's position in the team after winning two matches in one night. He was down 0-4 in the first game and came back to lead 14-4, almost a succession of 15 points in a row! Brent unfortunately wasn't so fortunate after losing 3-0 to a player ranked 70 points higher then him. - Brent Stretton, Acting Captain of Briars 02

The team has now won 3 weeks in a row which has boosted moral. All players are giving it their all and are all playing well, Ian and Ben both won in 3 with Matthew and Paul unfortunately losing in 4. - Ben Williams, Acting Captain of Briars 06


A very strong performance from the Briars squash teams this week with all but one team defeating their opponents quite comfortably, with the other team losing narrowly by just 10 points! A special mention to Briars 08 who managed to win all 4 rubbers and 3, 3-0 victories over their opponents. Another special mention to Briars 05 who are currently placed at 1st on their division ladder by a huge 28 points!


An excellent result for Briars 02 this week, only dropping one game to a weaker opposition. Excellent match play from all 3 players saw the Briars close out the night quite comfortably. 

  • Myles Wood, captain of Briars 02

A slow start with Monika & Martin doing a lot of shuffling around at the back of the court, before Greg and Pete Robson put up a bit of spine in proceedings to bring home the win.

  • Martin Langford, captain of Briars 07

This week saw the beginning of Briars resurgence with the majority of teams seizing wins over their opposition. One noteworthy team was Briars 03 who took out the night by a landslide 7 games last night. Increasing the gap between them and 4th position on the division ladder to 27 points.


The weeks have flown by as Spring Pennant progressed its way into the 5th round last week. A memorable moment of the comp was the Briars 02 team, managing to win the night by just 16 points, securing 3rd place on the division ladder.

Allen was on fire with his kill shots against a brave aspiring Mitchell, generously helping an unmanned opposition. Jacob asserted his dominance on the court with only a minor hiccup. David had a see-sawing 5-setter, getting the win eventually. Ben was lucky to have Dave’s opponent backing up for a 2nd match, making up deficits each game to close it out in 4 games. All in all, strong result for Briars 03.

Ben Miller, Acting team captain of Briars 03


Another week, another round. Spring Pennant progressed with round 4 being played out last Thursday. Unfortunately, this week was to be a blow to the Briars @ Thornleigh with the majority of teams slipping from the top of their division ladders.  However, Briars 05 were determined to not lose their hard-earned top position, managing to defeat the opposition by 3 games despite losing a rubber. The Briars are sure to make a resurgence in rounds to come as they proved they were a force to be reckoned with in the opening rounds.

- Danny boy

Briars Squash Centenary Celebration Day.

What better to commemorate 100 years of sporting tradition than with a game of squash and a hot snag!

The Briars @ Thornleigh Squash Club celebrated 100 years of Briars tradition last Sunday with a huge open day. The Club was giving away free squash and a free sausage sizzle to anyone who thought they’d try their hand, with group coaching classes and exhibition matches from some of Sydney’s best players throughout the day. The Club was alive with activity, with people of all ages popping round to see what all the commotion was about. An inflatable squash court was set up outside to make good use of the spectacular weather outside.

As the day went on and everyone was just about exhausted from playing all day, the New Zealand Junior Team arrived. The team was getting in one last practice before playing in the Combined High-Schools (CHS) Trans-Tasman Challenge which started the very next day. The local members were in awe of these young prodigy’s skills as they proved that they were a force to be reckoned with in days to come. However, they were soon to be outdone by an exhibition between Briars own Anthony Thomas and professional player Rohan Toole. The crowd was captivated by the display of pure skill as they battled out for who would be the Briars open day champion. Unfortunately, Club Manager Anthony was to be defeated at the skilful hands of Rohan, being beaten in straight sets to conclude the day’s play.

Prior to the NZ team departing and remembering how our Wallaroos and Wallabies got smashed in the Bledesloe Cup the night before, then how do we get the 20 young Kiwis to wear the Ozzie gold with pride?  Answer : “Join the Briars squash club”,  Continuing The Sporting Tradition.  Briars squash will be touring NZ very soon.

As the day became the night, a buffet dinner was served to the atmospheric background of live music being played by a talented local musician.

It is estimated that 30+ new participants came to experience the spirit of Briars and to test their skills at squash over the course of the day and 6 signed up new members of Briars. All in all, the open day was a resounding success for squash and a fantastic way to celebrate 100 years of Briars sporting tradition.